Thank you for visiting the National African American Forum (NAAF), The New Civil Rights Movement against the New Jim Crow


The African American Forum’s main objective is to advance the new cause of civil rights in America in the areas of Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Education, Health, Housing, and Political Action.

More than 40 years have passed since President Nixon’s declaration of a
national and eternal drug war. The mechanism of drug war has shown
itself to be a means to circumvent the progress of communities of color
and the economically disadvantaged; in effect creating “The New Jim Crow”.

The National African American Forum is not focused solely on the African
American community. This coalition of black, white, Asian American,
Latino and Native Americans is addressing and making recommendations for
the undoing of this caste type system which deprives disadvantaged
individuals of all races. This system has run rampant in the areas of
criminal justice, health, housing, education, and economic development.

The Forum is creating a national database of individuals, churches,
educational institutions, community organizations, businesses, and
corporations to end discrimination that influence the caste system.
This New Jim Crow promotes legalized discrimination against drug users
of all races. The Forum is developing chapters across the country and
around the world and will sponsor events that address and make
recommendations to end this national disgrace; to combat the New Jim Crow.